Martin C. Price


MC Price
& Associates, LLC

Thirty seven years Project Engineering/Project Management experience including planning, permitting and licensing, funding and constructing projects to support scientific research, nuclear materials production, manufacturing, reactor overhaul & refueling, waste management and environmental remediation at both commercial and government facilities. This experience includes preliminary engineering, funding authorization, project planning and control, scheduling, building and license code compliance, design, construction management and startup. Project experience includes:


  • National Enrichment Facility, URENCO-USA    
  • Northwest Medical Isotopes Facility, NWMI    
  • Atlas Pulsed Power Facility, LANL             
  • Nuclear Materials Storage Facility, LANL    
  • Special Nuclear Materials Laboratory, LANL    
  • Weapons Engineering Tritium Facility, LANL     
  • Sandia ACRR Research Reactor Upgrade Project, SNL
  • SHINE Isotope Production Facility, SHINE
  • Trident Laser Laboratory Upgrade, LANL
  • Low Level Waste Compactor, FMPC
  • Reactor Refueling and Overhaul Support Facilities, KAPL
  • Shipyard Facilities Modernization, MINS
  • Waste Characterization Facility, INEL